Fairytailor offers a world of aesthetics, fairytales and whimsy. Here you will find unique handmade corsets, feather accessories, jewellery and everything else your heart might desire, that stirs your sense of aesthetics.

Whether your desires are Burlesque, Steampunk, Goth or Fetish, this site is where you'll find inspiration. And if you do not find exactly what you need, you are welcome to contact me with your ideas and/or designs, and together we will create the outfit of your dreams.


My name is Nøkke Fensholt and I am trained in textile design and production. I love the space between the beautiful, romantic and the macabre, and this is where most of my designs are created.

I have several years of experience from various theatres, both with creating props and costumes, and I am skilled in working with many different materials (fabrics, leather, latex and more).

I love to create. All my products are handmade, and both quality and comfort are of the utmost importance to me.

Feel free to take a look around!


            OPENING HOURS

I have an additional part time job, and therefore I do not have a fixed opening time.

You´re always welcome to text me and ask if I´ m there, or to make an appointment.  

Fairytailor - Willemoesgade 52, 2100 Kbh Ø

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