The Farret of Hell

The Farret of Hell


"He always wanted to fly, but being a ferret it wasn't an option. So when he was given the offer he didn't just take it, he jumped at it, forgetting to read the fine print.

And so he was given wings and a set of keys, and he felt a sharp pain in his forehead as two horns grow out. It became his duty to guard the entrance to the underworld, and if anyone escaped, it was his duty to bring them back.

And he had, thousands, dragging them back kicking and screaming to the one place they didn’t want to be. A long time had passed like this. So much was lost to him, drained out of him by their screams. His memory of his family and friends, even his name and who he used to be was gone, now only the guard, the demon was left. But he still loved to fly, and the only way to be free, was to pass on the duty to someone who said yes of their own free will - but that would mean losing his wings and he couldn’t let them go, not for anything, not if it would save a single soul."

            OPENING HOURS

I have an additional part time job, and therefore I do not have a fixed opening time.

You´re always welcome to text me and ask if I´ m there, or to make an appointment.  

Fairytailor - Willemoesgade 52, 2100 Kbh Ø

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