Unique handdecorated animal


"Her name is Lily and she is a social butterfly, she loves parties, no matter what kind, small or big, wild or quiet, tea parties, kids parties, she love them all, love being around others, talking with them, looking at them, listening to them, dancing, she knows nothing better. But she is also a gentle soul and the night that holds the grandest parties, new years eve, she is always home, alone, because the thing she loves the most that night, is sitting in the dark enjoying the fireworks, she wants to share that experience with someone special and she haven’t meet that special someone yet, this is still in her future."

            OPENING HOURS

I have an additional part time job, and therefore I do not have a fixed opening time.

You´re always welcome to text me and ask if I´ m there, or to make an appointment.  

Fairytailor - Willemoesgade 52, 2100 Kbh Ø

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