Japanese Girl

Japanese Girl


She wasn’t Japanese but loved Japan and all things from Japan. She flew there every chance she got and brought back home the loveliest things she could find. And therefore everybody called her Japanese Girl and she loved that too. Since she was not much more than a hatchling, her dad had taken her with him on his travels to Japan, and there she was educated. First she had learned to fight with a katana, then to dance and sing like a real geisha. Now she had combined those things in a beautiful show and she could been seen just a few feet over the grass in a magical swirl of metal, feathers and song. You found her sitting on her beautiful byõbu.

            OPENING HOURS

I have an additional part time job, and therefore I do not have a fixed opening time.

You´re always welcome to text me and ask if I´ m there, or to make an appointment.  

Fairytailor - Willemoesgade 52, 2100 Kbh Ø

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